About Preplan Cremation Services

Funeral planning is a major decision

Major decisions are best made at a time of relative peace and calm, when options can be adequately considered and finances budgeted.

Funeral planning is one of those major decisions best made in advance and not under stress.

  1. Neptune Society is the nation's most trusted cremation services provider, with over 48 years of meeting families' needs for Cremation services at the time of passing
  2. Planning for cremation in advance of passing

Funeral planning can be as simple as making some notes about preferences and sharing them with your family, or as detailed as a comprehensive written plan with agreements from desired participants to officiant and musicians. Part of the funeral plan is deciding for or against cremation.

Arrangements for a funeral plan may be made before passing; this is funeral preplanning. When cremation is part of the funeral plan, it is cremation preplanning.

Preplan Cremation Service

To preplan cremation, advise Neptune Society of your wish for cremation for yourself or your loved one. Neptune Society helps you define a plan for cremation, and build a written agreement for services. Neptune Society offers the option of locking in today's price of cremation with an agreement for future cremation services, allowing a defined funeral plan to be put in place and relieving your family of the burden of funeral planning.

Why Preplan Cremation?

  • Define your wish for cremation
  • Lock in a lower price for cremation
  • Remove the burden of planning and payment from your family

How to Preplan Cremation

  • Contact Neptune Society
  • Choose cremation services
  • Choose payment option


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  • Get tips to avoid scams when preplanning cremation or burial
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