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What’s included in this trustworthy cremation provider guide?

Our “Trustworthy Cremation Provider Guide” is a comprehensive resource for families who would like to educate themselves about cremation providers prior to making final arrangements. The guide covers everything from your rights as a consumer to tips on researching different providers to understanding what questions to ask when meeting with a potential provider.

Why download this guide for finding a trustworthy cremation provider?

  • Gain Understanding Regarding Pricing for End-of-Life Services
  • Learn How to Look for “Red Flags” When Researching Providers
  • Understand What Questions to Ask a Potential Provider

How will this end-of-life provider guide help me?

This comprehensive ebook will help you gain confidence as a consumer. This resource will guide you through the entire process of educating yourself, interviewing and ultimately choosing a reputable provider, and securing your final wishes. The guide features a variety of tools, including:

  • An explanation of your right as a consumer, as dictated by the FTC’s Funeral Rule
  • A list of questions to ask your provider
  • Tips on determining whether a provider is reputable

How can I download the provider guide?

To download this guide, simply fill out the form on this page.

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