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As America’s #1 provider of cremation services, Neptune Society helps families in their time of need by providing simple and affordable plans.

Pricing: Cremation vs. Burial

Average cost of funeral and burial is $10k; cremation is about half this cost
No need to embalm or purchase cemetery plot, casket, burial, vault or gravestone
Families who choose cremation favor a less-expense memorial service or gathering
Lower cremation cost by planning and paying for tomorrow at today’s prices
Unlike burials, cremation reduces impact to the environment
Cremation process is easier and simpler than a traditional funeral and burial

Cremation Cost Factors

Compare Funeral Costs: Cremation Urn and Memorial vs. Casket and Headstone

For those planning a funeral with limited financial resources, it is prudent to evaluate the cost of cremation urns and memorials compared to a casket and headstone. Cremation offers the most versatility and opportunity to control costs for those on a budget, while burial costs mount quickly.


Compare Cremation Costs to Burial Costs

The first cost difference between cremation and burial comes with preparation of the body. Housing the body, collecting burial certificates, and preparing the deceased for burial averages around $1,600. The second cost difference is between the burial casket and the cremation container.


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