The Los Angeles, CA Cremation Process

Understanding the Sherman Oaks cremation process helps families make an informed decision about cremation and facilitates the process of choosing between cremation and traditional burial.

Decide Whether to Have a Funeral and Cremation or Direct Cremation

Some families choose to have a traditional funeral followed by cremation. Other families prefer a direct cremation, often followed by a memorial service with the remains present at the ceremony. Cremation costs factor into the decision. The price of cremation in Sherman Oaks is just a fraction of the cost of burial, about one-third the cost. When families forego a traditional funeral, final needs expenses are limited to cremation costs and are relatively minimal.

The Immediate Family can say Goodbye to the Deceased

In most cases, the immediate family can be present with the deceased in a Sherman Oaks cremation right up until the body goes into the cremation chamber. Depending on the facility, family members may even have the opportunity to start the cremation process themselves. This offers closure and assurance to family members who choose a Sherman Oaks cremation.

Cremation Process

Cremation itself generally takes two to three hours in a chamber that is operating at 1600 to 1800 degrees. It may take several hours following the cremation for the remains to be available to family members. If the family has chosen an urn or other cremation container, then the remains are placed in this container for the family after the cremation process is finished.

Picking Up Cremated Remains

After cremation is complete, family members pick up the remains and transport them to their ultimate destination. Shipping is arranged as necessary. Some Sherman Oaks cremations result in urns interred in funeral niches while other families choose to bring the remains home as a reminder of their lost loved ones. Still others scatter remains somewhere special or schedule a scatter at sea. At this point the cremation process is complete.

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