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In the United States, over half of deceased persons are cremated. Cremation price is often a factor in selecting cremation over traditional funerals and burials, as cremation costs are less. It is true that cremation prices have risen over the last decade, but they have been outpaced by the rising cost of funerals. Cremation is a very good choice when cost is a strong consideration.

Average price of cremation

Cremation costs vary by location and provider. The cremation cost at one Neptune location may differ from another Neptune location, due to variable location costs. To learn about Neptune Society cremation prices in your area, fill out our request information form and we will quickly get back to you with a price quote.

Cremation service options

Affordable cremation services can be found both at funeral homes and at independent cremation providers. If the price of cremation is a factor in your choice of providers, request pricing information and carefully compare. Some providers offer cremation prices for complete service packages, guaranteeing the price. Other providers give a cremation price that includes only the cremation itself — the price of transportation and handling must still be added. Prices of cremation should be compared based on the total services being offered.

Planned Cremations

For simplicity and the most affordable cremation option, some people plan a future cremation for themselves. These preplanned cremations are, by far, the most cost- effective cremation option, and allow loved ones peace of mind and time for grieving.

Memorial Services

A cremation plan can be simply a direct cremation or can include a funeral or memorial service. Memorial services are valuable and healing for family and friends, but also add to the price of cremation.

Urns, Scattering and/or Burial of Ashes

Following cremation, a family may choose to keep the ashes in a decorative urn or scatter the ashes. Alternatively, a family may choose a final resting spot for the cremated remains in a columbarium or cemetery plot. This, too, will add to the cost of cremation. Some families wish to have loved ones buried in a family plot or local cemetery. As cremated remains take little space when buried, cemeteries have flexibility in placement or the number of remains that can be placed in a family plot. This flexibility can also lead to cost savings. In this way, families have the ability to choose cremation as a very affordable option and still memorialize their loved one.

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We at Neptune Society can help you arrange a cremation or plan for a cremation in the future. Contact us to learn about prices for services in your area.

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