Specialty Urns

Religious Urns

Religious and spiritual families turn to specialty urns to provide appropriate final resting vessels for the remains of their loved ones. Religious urns may include something as simple as a cross engraved on a wood box or something as creative as a book-shaped urn. Alternately, a religious urn in marble may be engraved with a Christian symbol, such as the Christian "fish" symbol of the Ichthys.

These specialty religious urns provide additional comfort to families for whom faith is important and transform a mundane cremation vessel into something truly fitting for the remains of the faithful.

Hobby, Sports, and Military Specialty Urns

Hobby-based cremation urns provide an opportunity to memorialize the deceased by celebrating a part of his or her life that was important and special. Represented hobbies range from motorcycling or racing to sports or hunting with a huge range of hobby urns to commemorate a wide array of lifestyles.

Families whose loved ones were in the military may enjoy military-themed urns such as urns engraved with an eagle or other symbols of service. Military urns honor the service that these esteemed individuals have provided to our country.

Hobby, sports, special interest, and military urns provide visual reminders of the deceased, and make suitable memorials to the lives their occupants led.

Clock Urns

Practical and beautiful, clock urns are becoming more popular along with the popularity of cremation itself. Clock urns make lovely memorials to keep on the mantle or in a place of honor within the household.

These urns may be simple wooden boxes containing a clock face, or may consist of elaborately engraved, special scenes that provide comfort or represent the deceased.

Clock urns are an excellent option for families who want to display the urn, and who want the urn to be a feature of daily life - because every room can use a beautiful timepiece.

Decorative Urns Made with Special Techniques

Beyond these very specific subsets of specialty urns, families select specialty urns that are simply beautiful memorials made with high-quality materials or specialized techniques.

Ceramic urns made with the Japanese Raku firing process are becoming increasingly popular, as the Raku firing technique creates a beautiful glaze finish on these stonework urns.

Korean-style burial jars, sculpted urns, and other elaborate decorative urns create unique, eye-catching memorials that become the centerpiece of any room.

Specialty cremation urns provide families with unique ways to express their grief and honor their lost loved ones. Whether a family wants to honor their lost loved one's personality, sports prowess, career, hobbies, or military service—or just wants a beautiful urn to express their love for the deceased—there is a specialty urn option for everyone.

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