American Legion of Florida (AML)

As a former military member, you fought hard to preserve the values that are the foundation of our great country. Your dedication and sacrifice to preserve what America is should not be forgotten.

Now it's our time to dedicate ourselves to you!

The American Legion, the nation's largest veterans organization, and the Neptune Society, the industry leader in preplanning end-of-life arrangements are committed to serving you.

To better understand your unique veteran benefits, such as insurance, medical, travel, and so much more, please fill out the form on this page. By submitting this form, you will also gain access to an exclusive offer provided by Neptune Society and the American Legion of Florida.

Give your family peace of mind by making arrangements today. Neptune Society has helped thousands of veterans just like you secure their burial and cremation benefits. Our expertise and commitment to serve has made Neptune Society the premier choice of the American Legion.

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Veteran Death Benefits and Memorialization for Service Members and Their Families - guide cover

Download The Essential Veteran Death Benefits and Memorialization Guide

With our guide, learn how to:

  • Honor your veteran respectfully
  • Understand benefits eligibility
  • Review memorialization options