Veteran Death Benefits and Memorialization for Service Members and Their Families - guide cover

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What’s included in this guide?

“The Essential Veteran Death Benefits and Memorialization Guide” is a comprehensive resource regarding how to apply for veteran death benefits, death benefit eligibility, what types of memorialization options are available for veterans, and more. This guide can be used by veterans who are planning for their own future final arrangements, or by those with an immediate need who are currently taking care of their beloved veteran’s final arrangements.

Why download this guide?

  • Honor your veteran respectfully
  • Understand benefits eligibility
  • Review memorialization options

How will this guide help me?

This comprehensive ebook will help you better understand veteran benefits and your eligibility. This resource will also guide loved ones through the veteran benefit application process. The guide features a variety of tools including:

  • Actionable tasks that veterans can take to prepare their loved ones to apply for veteran benefits when the time comes
  • In-depth yet easy-to-understand explanations for veteran terms, forms, and options
  • Online and offline resources available for veterans on a variety of subjects, organized by need

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