Best Gifts For A Grieving Family

When the loved one of a friend or family member passes away, it can be tough finding the right gift to let the surviving person and their family know that you're thinking about them during a difficult time. So whether you're overwhelmed with the recommendations you've found online or have no clue where to start, Neptune Society is here to help.

In this post from the Neptune Society blog, we'll discuss some of the best and most appropriate gifts you can get for a grieving family.

1. Sympathy Cards

When someone experiences a loss, sympathy cards are a classic gift to let them know they are on your mind. Whether this card includes intricate art or a heartfelt message, a sympathy card is an excellent choice for a gift for a grieving family.

2. Flowers

Typically, flowers are a gift paired with something like a sympathy card when given as a gift for a grieving family. Flowers are a traditional gift for funerals and as a gift for those dealing with a loss, and this gift is a safe bet for a grieving family. Lilies, carnations, and roses are all traditional choices of flowers to provide a grieving person.

3. Meals & Groceries

Providing a friend or family member with meals and groceries while they're dealing with a loss is another popular choice and one that so many grieving people genuinely appreciate. This is especially true with a person dealing with the loss of a spouse or a child.

Meals are times when family get together, and when a family member is gone, cooking and even eating can be difficult for those grieving. Things like meal kits or catering offerings are gift choices for grieving families that they'll remember and appreciate for years to come.

Additionally, groceries like snacks, beverages, and items like pet food are all appropriate gifts for a grieving family.

4. Jewelry

Many jewelry stores have a variety of personalized gifts to choose from, and these kinds of gifts are always meaningful to a grieving person. Things like angel wings or hearts with the initials of their loved one, or both them and their loved one (if a spouse) are things that the person dealing with loss will cherish for life.

5. Photos & Paintings

Is there a picture of your grieving friend or family member and their deceased loved one that you know they love?

Commissioning an artist to paint this photo or even blowing it up and having it framed are memorable gifts as they go through this rough period of their life. Those experiencing loss feel comfort in the pleasant memories they spent with their loved ones, and photos and paintings can be a glimpse into some of the best times ever spent with that person.

Several artists online will happily paint a photo for your grieving friend or family member in a difficult period of their life. Alternatively, many office supply stores have what's needed to create a beautifully framed photo for your grieving friend or family member.

6. Sympathetic & Inspirational Books

There are tons of books out there regarding dealing with the death of a loved one. From classic paper and hardback books to eBooks on platforms like Audible, sympathetic and inspirational books are some of the best gifts for those struggling with the loss of a loved one.

Browse websites like Amazon or visit your local bookstore to find the best books to help those who are grieving.

7. Helpful & Thoughtful Gifts

In addition to delivering ready-to-eat meals and groceries for a person dealing with grief, cleaning services, dog walkers, babysitters, or anything else that could make day-to-day life easier for someone grieving can help them focus on healing.

It's important to note that dealing with the death of a loved one is a lot of work. Phone calls, visitations from family, and planning of things like funerals are a constant struggle on top of dealing with the heartbreak of a deceased loved one.

8. Self Care Gifts

Self-care is one of the first things that goes out the window when dealing with loss. This is especially true if that person is a parent to younger children, and they're also helping their kids cope with the death of a loved one.

Self-care gifts are a thoughtful way to remind those who are grieving that they need to take some time to care for themselves. Trips to the spa, bath time goods (gift baskets), and even a bottle of wine are all thoughtful self-care gifts to provide to someone dealing with grief.

9. Personal Time Gifts

One of the most thoughtful things you can provide to a grieving person is your time. Do they need help organizing the funeral, feeding the kids, walking the dogs, or anything like that?

If you don't have the money to get them a service to handle these things, offer to do it yourself. Things like helping clean up the living room or picking the kids up from school are small donations of your time that will mean the world to the person experiencing grief.

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