The Complete Checklist For When A Loved One Passes Away - guide cover

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What’s included in this guide?

“The Complete Checklist for When A Loved One Passes Away” is a step-by-step guide for what to do after someone passes away. This guide starts as soon as a loved one has passed away and continues to outline the tasks that need to be accomplished over the next few days and weeks to take care of your loved one’s legacy

How will this guide help me?

  • Contact the appropriate authorities
  • Arrange care for a loved one who has passed away
  • Memorialize your loved one

Why download this guide?

Checklists within the ebook help you to start the process of caring for your loved one, and the explanations for these tasks gives you the power to do so with confidence. The ebook features a variety of tools to help you, including:

  • Actionable tasks that allow you to care for your loved one
  • In-depth yet easy-to-understand discussions of each task
  • Resources to help care for your loved one and yourself

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