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Neptune Society is a premier, trusted provider of cremation services in the United States. For over 48 years, Neptune Society has specialized in direct cremation. We provide a dignified cremation at an affordable cost to allow families the flexibility of choosing cremation alone or having funeral or memorial services at a time of their choosing.

What is a Cremation Plan?

A cremation plan is a written document that defines your choice of cremation for your final needs. Whether you are choosing cremation as a green funeral option, for its low cost, or for its simplicity, it is important to define and announce your wish.

A cremation plan may be as simple as a handwritten, signed piece of paper shared with your family or as formal as an estate planning document filed with your attorney. A cremation plan should:

  • Clearly state your choice of cremation for final needs
  • Identify your choice of cremation service provider
  • State your wish for disposition of your cremated remains
    • Cremation burial
    • Scattering ashes in a meaningful place
    • Placement in a mausoleum or columbarium
    • Placement with a loved one
    • Interment in the Memorial Reef
  • Identify any advanced payment made for cremation services

You needn't do it alone. We're here to help.

Help With a Cremation Plan

Neptune Society's experienced staff compassionately guides you through the cremation planning process and helps you develop a written plan. Once your wish for cremation has been defined, Neptune Society offers the option of paying in advance for services and eliminating that obligation from your family.

Prepaid Cremation. By paying for cremation in advance, we are able to offer you a discounted price for services — today's cremation price rather than a future higher cost of cremation.

With a defined, prepaid cremation plan, final needs will be easily cared for. With one phone call at the time of need, Neptune Society takes responsibility for services, caring for you and your family with compassion and respect.

To learn more about cremation planning, or the cost of cremation in your area, please complete our Request Information form. You will be able to immediately download our informative Cremation Planning Guide, and we will follow up with a phone call to answer your questions.

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With our guide, learn how to:

  • Understand the cost factors involved in final arrangements
  • Get tips to avoid scams when preplanning cremation or burial
  • Gain the confidence to express your final wishes to loved ones