Do I Need to Purchase a Casket for Cremation?

During the cremation process, the body must be placed in a rigid container that is entirely combustible. This container can be a traditional casket, but does not have to be.

Generally, the only requirement is that it cannot have any metal parts. The decision to purchase a casket will most likely be influenced by the type of service you plan.

Are You Planning a Traditional Funeral Service Prior to Cremation?

If so, you can purchase a combustible casket to hold the remains during the public viewing and/or religious service, which will also serve as the cremation container. The casket can be made from any combustible material — hardwood, cloth covered wood, wicker, teak, bamboo, etc.—as long as it has no metal parts.

You may also choose to rent a casket for the service and have the remains transferred to a more affordable container for the cremation process afterward. Called an "alternative container," this is usually a simple box constructed of cardboard, plywood, composite wood materials or pouches made of plastic or cardboard.

Many funeral homes offer rental caskets; just make sure that the one you're working with can provide you with this option if necessary.

Are You Planning a Direct Cremation with a Memorial Service Afterward?

While a funeral service takes place before the cremation process, a memorial service usually takes place afterward, with the remains placed in an urn and displayed alongside a photo of the departed and a spray of flowers.

In the case of a direct cremation, you will likely have no need for a casket since there are no services that require the presence of the body.

While some families may still choose a casket as the cremation container, you absolutely do not have to. If you do not wish to purchase a casket, the crematory will offer you an alternative container.

Will You Be Holding a Jewish Funeral Prior to the Cremation?

Made out of wood with no metal parts, the caskets made for Jewish funerals are a viable option for a cremation container.

A Matter of Expense and Preference

While you will need to choose an appropriate container for the cremation process, nothing dictates that it must be a casket. The choice is entirely a matter of expense and preference.

The passing of a loved one often leaves families with a financial burden that can be difficult to manage. Cremation is often chosen because it's an efficient and cost-effective option that costs less than other funeral services, which frees the family from unnecessary financial burdens.

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