Week 1: Dealing with Grief

Welcome to the first of our 12 Weeks of Peace. Your grief may be a long journey, but it does not have to be a solitary one. Relating to others and sorting through your own emotions can be very difficult in this confusing and stressful time. This week we will explore some basic concepts of grief, relationships, and expectations. You will build a foundation of knowledge and understanding that you can continually fall back on throughout your mourning process. As you move through each day, remember that these are not "steps" that you need to check off as you go. It's possible you will move back and forth through these realizations and progressions multiple times, and that is perfectly acceptable. We will highlight through all 12 weeks that your grief journey is your own, and there is no incorrect way to mourn.

The Complete Checklist For When A Loved One Passes Away - guide cover

Download The Complete Checklist for When a Loved One Passes Away

With our guide, learn how to:

  • Honor your veteran respectfully
  • Understand benefits eligibility
  • Review memorialization options