How Much Do Minneapolis, MN Cremations Cost?

When families consider cremation, one of the first questions asked is: "How much does a Minneapolis cremation cost?" Specific cremation costs vary by selected services, location, and cremation provider, but comparison of associated cremation costs versus burial costs quickly reveals that cremation is the more affordable option.

What are the Costs Associated with a Minneapolis, MN Cremation?

The average Minneapolis, MN cremation costs a fraction of the cost of a traditional burial because cremation-specific costs are fewer and less costly than burial costs. Costs associated with both cremation and burial include:

  • Obtaining the original and copies of the death certificate
  • Transporting the deceased from the place of death to the cremation facility or funeral home
  • Funeral costs, if a funeral is held
  • However, when families compare differentiated costs, that's when cremation becomes the more affordable alternative. Cremation has limited costs that are far less than a traditional burial. These cremation-specific costs include:Obtaining a certificate releasing the body for cremation
  • Costs associated with removing a pacemaker or other non-combustible materials
  • Purchasing or renting a casket or container
  • Cost of cremation
  • Purchasing an urn
  • Costs associated with scattering or interring the remains

Altogether, these cremation costs are still just a portion of the $5,000 to $45,000 associated with traditional burial. Minneapolis cremation costs are affordable, making cremation a low cost alternative to burial.

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