Cremation Costs in Spokane, WA

Cremation is a popular alternative to traditional burial for a number of reasons, the biggest of which is affordability. Cremations cost much less than a traditional burial and there are a few ways to reduce costs even further.

Cost of Spokane Cremation

The total cost of a cremation in Spokane depends on the details of your cremation plan, but the average cost of a cremation is as low as a quarter of the price of a traditional burial. The services and items associated with burial – funeral services, caskets, headstones, burial plots, and grave digging fees – add up to a large price tag, while cremations are inexpensive enough to remain within reach of all.

How to Reduce Cremation Costs

Cremation costs are low when compared with burials. Families with a tight budget can reduce cremation costs further by opting for any or all of the following.

Direct Cremation

Direct cremations offer ultra-low prices for a basic cremation service. The body of the deceased is taken directly to a cremation facility following obtainment of a death certificate and cremation permit. Eliminating the funeral or viewing service prior to cremation keeps costs affordable. Families are allowed to be present during the cremation process, and many opt for scattering the remains or burial at sea services following cremation. Low cost cremation urns or keepsakes are another popular choice.

Cremation Preplanning

Planning a cremation ahead of time offers families peace of mind and helps reduce costs. Cremation pre-planning allows individuals to take control of their cremation plan and communicate with family members about their wishes. Families have the option to prepay for cremation services in order to lock in current prices. Preplan a Spokane cremation to give your family enough time to make the best decisions regarding their finances and your end-of-life plan.

Veteran's Cremation

Social Security helps pay for end-of-life services, but veterans are eligible for other benefits through the VA that help pay for cremation. In addition to financial help with cremation, your veteran may be eligible for the Presidential Memorial Certificate and American flag. If your loved one was a veteran, ask your cremation provider about veteran's cremation services. Your provider even works with you to arrange interring the remains at a national cemetery, if that is desired.

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