Compare Funeral Costs: Cremation Urn and Memorial vs. Casket and Headstone

For those planning a funeral with limited financial resources, it is prudent to evaluate the cost of cremation urns and memorials compared to a casket and headstone. Cremation offers the most versatility and opportunity to control costs for those on a budget, while burial costs mount quickly.

Cremation Urn and Memorial Costs

Cremation urns vary dramatically in cost based on an array of factors. The size of the urn, the materials used in its construction, and the simplicity of its design all play a role in cost. Families can buy a simple scattering urn made of biodegradable materials inexpensively. There are a wide variety of urns available in different price ranges to accommodate every family's wish and respective budget.

Memorials can be as simple or as ornate as families wish. A simple engraved memorial plaque can be obtained at a nominal cost compared to a more elaborate memorial, such as a statue or memorial bench.

Casket and Headstone Costs

Caskets are unquestionably more expensive, due to their size and transportation costs, than cremation urns. And much like caskets, headstones tend to cost significantly more than most cremation memorials.

When comparing costs of cremation urns, memorials, caskets, and headstones, it's easy to see cremation is the more affordable option.

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