What to Do with Ashes: Teddy Bear Urns

Loved ones can still offer comfort even if they are no longer with you. Teddy bear urns allow you to hold your loved one close while keeping cremated remains in a safe place.

All ages can appreciate the comfort brought by these special bears and their assistance through the grieving process, especially for children.

Teddy bear urns are stuffed animals that hold a portion of a loved one's ashes or their favorite trinkets inside it. Ashes are stored in a small drawstring bag or container that is put into the bear through its back. They come in a variety of colors and styles, even incorporating lambs and angel-like bears.

Teddy bear urns are a great tool to help children cope with the loss of a loved one. Most children are very familiar with the idea of a teddy bear, and teddy bear urns can allow them to learn about the concept of losing someone in a way they can understand.

Such an urn can help them adjust to losing a loved one by having something tangible they can snuggle and hold while coping with their grief.

Using a teddy bear urn as part of a memorial service could also be a touching addition. Whether the bear is presented to someone, placed in a columbarium niche, or set in a place of honor inside a home, a teddy bear urn can act as a soft reminder of someone who has passed away.

Ashes aren't the only thing these comforting animals can hold. Consider placing special trinkets that belonged to a loved one in the drawstring bag or container that comes with the teddy bear urn.

Cremation jewelry or other mementos can be placed inside as well if you are uncomfortable with the concept of placing the cremated remains directly inside the bear.

Various companies sell teddy bear urns, and the price can range from less than $50 to over $200. Cami Bear is one provider that offers embroidery services and high quality fabric for their bears. In The Light Urns offers a larger variety of affordably-priced bears, but there is less of an opportunity for personalization.

Depending on what you want for your loved one, what the bear will contain, and how the bear will be handled (whether you are giving the bear to a child or placing it in a columbarium, for example), you may wish to choose a different kind of bear.

No matter how you choose to memorialize your loved one, Neptune Society can help create the perfect plan for your loved one. We can assist you through the planning process by creating an economical package that includes everything you need for a dignified cremation service.

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This article is part of our "What To Do With Cremation Ashes" series in which we intend to highlight the lesser known memorialization options available to families who choose cremation. For more articles in this series, please see our article archive.

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