Neptune Society Launches Ask a Funeral Director Program

Few people are familiar with the intricacies of the funeral and cremation industry. Death certificates, funeral industry jargon, and the process of cremation usually are not brought up until a loved one passes away, and then grieving family members often find themselves confused throughout the funeral process. What forms need to be signed? Why has a cremation been delayed? Who needs to be informed of a death? Neptune Society has helped to answer these questions and more for thousands of families over the years. Through Ask a Funeral Director, families have a new resource to help them learn more about cremation, preplanning, and other aspects of the funeral industry.

Ask a Funeral Director is a series of videos where a licensed funeral director answers common questions about funerals and cremations. Each video is accompanied by a video transcript and a series of written answers by other funeral directors from around the country. Topics covered in the first round of videos include cremation and funeral jargon, cremation paperwork, cremation costs, the cremation process, veteran information, transportation of cremated remains, obituary information, and memorialization.

If a user has a question that is not answered by the Ask a Funeral Director videos, they can also submit a question to be answered by licensed funeral directors in the next round of videos. Those with further questions can simply complete the online form found on the Ask a Funeral Director page to for a chance to have their question featured in the future.

The videos feature James Baron, a licensed funeral director since 1987 who works with families across the country through Neptune Society to ensure that each loved one and family member is treated with respect and care through the tough times following a passing. However, since there are many local details to some of the most commonly asked questions, other funeral directors from around the country – from within Neptune Society and outside of it – have supplied their own responses including Abby Schilling of Richfield, MN; Jessica Watts of Jacksonville, FL; C. A. Banskton of Fort Worth, TX; Michael Sollitto of Charlotte, NC; Laura Anderson of Minneapolis, MN; Noel Hanna of San Francisco, CA; and more.

Neptune Society strives to keep families informed about the intricacies of the cremation process and the funeral industry to help relieve some of the stress caused by a passing or by planning for one’s future. By becoming informed about the cremation process, one can better plan an appropriate memorial for themselves or a loved one by knowing who needs to complete which form and how to utilize benefits that may be available to them.

The Ask a Funeral Director program is available on the Neptune Society website. Feel free to submit any further questions through the form on the Neptune Society website, watch some of Neptune Society’s other FAQ videos, or get in contact with a cremation expert to learn more about the ways Neptune Society cares for its members.


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