Neptune Society Indiana Offers E-commerce to Preplan Cremation

As the process of preplanning cremation services has become more popular in America than ever before, Neptune Society has begun to offer ways to preplan prepay for cremation online. The new system brings funeral planning into the modern age.

The system designed to help families preplan online is modern and efficient. Just a few minutes spent completing a few simple online forms allows Indiana residents to conveniently create an official Neptune Society cremation plan at their own pace.

Neptune Society is dedicated to ensuring all personal information given in the cremation preplanning process is kept safe and private, and has employed numerous safe-guards so families can feel secure in knowing that their information is being protected.

Before this revolutionary way of planning, cremation counselors would have to meet with families in the office or in the families’ homes. This option is still available for those who wish to preplan their cremations face-to-face with those servicing them. However, this requires coordination between schedules, and some people do not feel comfortable talking about their wishes out loud, making an online purchase much more attractive.

Funeral homes across the country are beginning to adopt this new method of planning, but it is still a new form of interacting with families for the funeral industry as a whole. Neptune Society currently offers e-commerce-style cremation planning in five states: Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, and Ohio.

For those planning a cremation for themselves or a loved one, Neptune Society is proud to offer quality direct cremation services. We also offer specialized services for Indianapolis veterans choosing cremation, that includes assistance with receiving military benefits such as a memorial flag and interment in a National Cemetery. No matter what services you require, the brand new e-commerce system is available to help families make end-of-life plans in a whole new way.

To find more information about the Indianapolis cremation packages offered by Neptune Society both online and offline, please contact the Neptune Society Indianapolis office, and a cremation counselor will be in touch to answer any questions about Indianapolis cremation.


The Neptune Society is the nation’s oldest and largest provider of affordable cremation services. Whether you have an immediate need or want to plan cremation services in advance, we are always available to assist you and your family.

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