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You’ve taken the first step towards protecting loved ones.

The simple act of taking your time to visit this page shows that you are aware of the importance of making arrangements in advance. And, that you realize the benefits of having a “final” plan in place. We’ve helped 100,000’s of families make smarter choices for themselves and their loved ones, we can help you and your loved ones too.

Why pre-plan?

Who wants to be a burden to anyone once they are gone? Having a plan is a roadmap. It is a way to take the guesswork, financial risk and emotional distress off the table, allowing for more rational decision making. Having a plan, your plan, will alleviate potential family issues that may come up. Having a plan will insure that your wishes are carried out. We’re sure you’ve heard this – that not having a plan is planning to fail. It is true and at the Neptune Society we see both planners and non-planners. Having a plan in place is a simple way to avoid potential family strife related to a passing. Problems can easily be avoided by the simple act of putting a plan in place.

Why Cremation?

More and more Americans are choosing cremation because it costs less money, for many Neptune families, it is as simple as that. Cremation rates nationally in the U.S. are projected to be well over 50% by 2020. In some more progressive states, over 60% of Americans are already choosing cremation. The acceptance of cremation is now in the mainstream of U.S. society. It is an affordable, modern end of life option that more families are choosing for a variety of reasons.

Why the Neptune Society?

We’ve helped 100,000’s of families make smarter choices for themselves and their loved ones. The Neptune Society specializes in offering affordable all-inclusive prepaid cremation packages. With a Neptune plan in place, your loved ones can breathe a collective sigh of relief during one of life’s most challenging moments. The Neptune Society’s professionals handle all of the details with one simple phone call from anywhere in the world. The Neptune Society allows you and your family peace of mind and the mental space to celebrate life in place of focusing on last minute funeral arrangements.

Avoid the High Costs of Funerals

The traditional funeral parlor and a cemetery burial are not the best fit for many modern more mobile families, especially where budgets may be a factor. Funeral costs are higher than direct cremation services, $1,000’s more. Most families do not consider the costs of traditional funeral services and are typically not emotionally prepared to make important financial decisions when grieving. The Neptune Society provides a simple, all-inclusive solution. Our plans allow more of the money that would be spent on a funeral to be passed on to loved ones.

Top 5 Reasons to Prearrange

In a few easy steps, you’ll feel a sense of relief knowing there is a plan in place with caring professionals.

  1. Eliminate emotional and financial stress
  2. Save money by locking in lower rates today (SAVE $200 if you act right now)
  3. Worry free Nationwide and International coverage
  4. Social Security/Veteran Benefit assistance
  5. One Simple Phone call 24/7 –365 we are always here to help

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Cremation Provider Checklist

Please consider these important details when making your final plan with any provider.

Service Area

What is the coverage area?


What happens when I travel?


Will the company be in business in the future?

Package Pricing vs. A La Carte Pricing

What is included, what isn’t?

Years in Business

How log have families been served? How many families have been served?


What do their members say? Are they members of any professional organizations?