Government regulations are daunting. Neptune Society’s experienced staff:

  • completes and submits government forms
  • helps ascertain eligibility

Neptune Society helps families navigate government paperwork and determine available military and social security benefits for cremation costs. Plan ahead to determine eligibility. Please contact us today to learn all the services we provide with cremation. Complete the form on the right for additional information.

Video Transcript

Sifting through government rules, regulations, and benefits can be a daunting task which is another great reason to preplan with a company like Neptune Society.

Government benefits can be limited. For example, Social Security might award benefits to survivors of deceased workers who fall within strict guidelines. Military veterans may be eligible for benefits that include flags, grave markers, or a plot in a National Cemetery. However, VA cremation benefits depend on the amount of time spent in active duty and the type of separation or discharge.

Social Security and VA cremation benefits are not automatic. Someone must research the necessary steps as well as complete and submit any required forms.

If you would like more information on this affordable service, fill out a contact form today and you’ll receive a free pre-need cremation planning guide.