A death certificate and cremation permit must be signed prior to cremation. Should an investigation by the police, coroner, or medical examiner delay signatures on these documents, cremation will also be delayed. While these delays may be out of our control, Neptune Society walks you through every step, helping and guiding you through the process.

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Video Transcript

Your cremation service provider is required by law to complete a death certificate with the necessary information, provided by the family. Permits for cremation services cannot be obtained until the medical authorities provide the signatures.

Keep in mind there is the chance that autopsies and medical records may delay signatures by physicians, medical examiners, and the VA hospital, and sometimes we encounter circumstances beyond our control. This happens when local, state, or federal agencies; police; a county coroner; or medical examiners become involved and investigate the circumstances surrounding a death. In any case, with prearrangements you can rest assured that your provider will be there by you or your family’s side walking them through every step of the process.

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