At one-third the cost of a traditional funeral, cremation is already a low cost option. Neptune Society is able to further discount cremation services by offering prepaid cremation plans.

Prepaying cremation costs allows you to:

  • lock in today’s cremation price
  • assure your family that everything is in order
  • make decisions at a non-emotional time.

For more information on Neptune Society’s cremation cost saving plans, please complete the form to the right.

Video Transcript

Aside from taking the burden of making cremation arrangements away from your loved ones, preplanning offers discount cremation services which on average cost about a third less of the price of a traditional funeral. Also, making prearrangements will assure your family that everything is in order and paid for with today’s price for your cremation services. You can also rest assured that you are receiving a good price for your cremation services by handling the cremation services on your own during non-emotional times. For affordable cremation, consider preplanning as a way to guarantee low cost cremation services.

If you would like more information on this affordable service, fill out a contact form today and you’ll receive a free pre-need cremation planning guide.