Relying on a will that may be read following final arrangements is risky. A pre-planned, or pre-need, cremation allows you to make your own arrangements in advance.

By planning your own cremation service, you:

  • decide service location
  • decide on guests and personal touches
  • remove the burden of planning from your family.

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Video Transcript

Prepaid cremation services allow a person to plan their own final arrangements way before they are needed.

Often, a will is not read until the deceased’s arrangements have already taken place. For this reason, relying solely on a will to express your final wishes can be risky. By making advance cremation arrangements, also known as pre-need cremation, all plans are prearranged and paid for before a death occurs.

When planning your cremation service in advance, you get to decide where you would like your service to take place, who you would like your guests to be, what personal touches you would like included, and whether you would prefer flowers or memorial gifts to be given to a charitable cause, organization, or family member in your honor. One of the greatest parts about preplanning is that you remove your family’s burden of planning a funeral when they can spending time with each other and celebrating your life.

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