Why Cremation is the Perfect End-of-Life Option in Today’s Mobile Society

When you’re making end-of-life arrangements, one factor becoming increasingly important to families is disposition of the remains. In the past, traditional burial was the most common method of managing remains, and families derived comfort from visiting the gravesite and feeling close to the departed loved one. Today, though, our society is more mobile than ever, and traditional burial presents complications for families that relocate for work, school, or other considerations. Why is a Los Angeles cremation the perfect end-of-life option for many of today’s families?

Families are More Mobile than Ever

According to recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau, roughly 14% of the U.S. population relocates in a given year. Approximately 23 million move to another home within the same county. Over 7.5 million people move to a different county but stay in the same state. But nearly 9 million families every year move out of state or to a different country entirely!

Cremation is the Best End-of-Life Option for Today’s Mobile Society

When families are making end-of-life plans, one thing that typically doesn’t factor into their planning process is what happens if the family moves. But with 9 million families moving every year, it should be a serious consideration. How often will the family be able to visit a traditional burial site if they’re out of state or in another country? Not often, even in the best of circumstances.

When families choose a Los Angeles cremation, though, it opens up a wide range of flexible options for the disposition of remains – options that are more compatible with today’s mobile society.

For example, families can choose a decorative urn and keep the remains with them in the family home. This makes it easy for families to visit with a loved one no matter where they move – whether out of state or to another country.

Alternately, cremation jewelry is growing in popularity. Families who choose to have the cremated remains made into jewelry after a Los Angeles cremation carry that jewelry with them and keep the loved one close to their heart anywhere they go.

Families also choose something closer to more conventional interment, but still have the flexibility of bringing the remains when they move. For example, a family creates an outdoor memorial garden and has an outdoor urn for the remains that they take when they move.

Even scattering the remains offers flexibility for families. For example, families can choose to scatter the remains at sea after a Los Angeles cremation and then think of their loved ones every time they see an ocean. Other scattering options, like aerial scattering, aren’t tied to a specific site, so there’s no obligation to visit as there would be with a traditional burial site.


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