Scatter Cremation Ashes in Minneapolis

A Minneapolis cremation is chosen for a number of reasons, flexibility among them. Cremation offers service options, allowing families to choose a funeral prior to cremation, a memorial service following cremation, or no formal service at all. Following cremation, families have options for disposition of ashes.

Some families choose a decorative cremation urn and keep their loved ones’ cremains at their homes. Others place the cremation urn in a columbarium where it can be cared for perpetually. Many families choose to scatter the ashes in a meaningful place, often someplace they can visit and remember their loved one.

The right place to scatter ashes may be obvious: a lovingly tended rose garden, a favored fishing spot, or a frequented sports field. When the location isn’t obvious, Minneapolis offers many wonderful options for scattering ashes: beautiful outdoor locations for a scattering ceremony and future visits for remembrance.

Consider the trails of The Grand Rounds, a good choice for someone who loved to walk or appreciated the sweeping views of the city. The Chain of Lakes in the Grand Rounds is an option for someone who loved to sail or swim. Similarly, Minneapolis’ flower gardens are a beautiful option for scattering of ashes and a visible reminder of life and growth.

When planning a Minneapolis cremation, consider not only whether cremation is the right choice for you or a loved one but also service options and disposition of ashes. Neptune Society Minneapolis offers additional cremation memorials for consideration following a Minneapolis cremation. Neptune Society offers scatter at sea services and deployment to the extraordinary and unique Neptune Memorial Reef off the coast of Florida. No matter your choice, take time to consider permanent maintenance of cremated remains or an appropriate and meaningful location for scattering of ashes in Minneapolis.

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