What is it Like to Scatter Ashes After an Austin Cremation?

Scattering ashes after an Austin cremation is a lovely ceremonial way to say farewell to a loved one. Some families choose to scatter remains in a place that was special to the loved one, such as a park (with permission) or other beautiful location. Other families spread the ashes at home, in a special corner of the yard, or in the loved one’s favorite spot. If you’re thinking about scattering ashes after an Austin cremation, this is what you need to know:

Get Permission to Scatter Ashes

First and foremost, if you’re considering scattering the ashes, you need to get permission. On private property, you can scatter ashes with permission of the landowner. On public property, the guiding authority varies. Texas state law says that you can scatter cremated ashes over uninhabited public land or into public waterways or seas.

When in doubt, though, it’s better to ask. Don’t spend what should be a beautiful ceremonial goodbye looking over your shoulder, feeling guilty, and worried about getting in trouble.

Scattering Remains After an Austin Cremation Isn’t Like on TV

If you intend to scatter remains after an Austin cremation, be aware that “scattering the ashes” isn’t like you see on television. In fact, the vast majority of the remains are heavier than the ash you’re familiar with from burned wood, and they won’t just float away on the wind like traditional ashes. Some people describe scattering the remains as “pouring,” and it’s the most accurate description given the volume, weight and behavior of the remains.

When you spread the ashes, you’ll have a sizable volume of cremains on the ground or in the water. Be prepared for a large area covered in ashes. It’s generally a good idea to spread remains out of the way of footpaths and other traffic areas. Some people choose to spread cremains in multiple locations, since the volume is greater than just a few light, fluffy ashes.

Take your time, and reflect on your loved one as you pour the remains. Spreading the ashes after an Austin cremation is the perfect opportunity to say a final farewell and gain the closure and peace of mind of knowing that the departed is returning to the earth.


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