What Can You Expect For Detroit Cremation Costs?

Detroit cremation costs are based on fixed fees for required paperwork, fees for the cremation and logistics associated with the cremation process, and a range of variable professional services fees. Understanding what to expect for costs of cremation in Detroit helps you get a frame of reference for what you should pay for cremation and simplifies the process of selecting the right cremation provider for your family.

Detroit Cremation Costs Related to Paperwork

When you arrange a Detroit cremation, expect fixed costs related to paperwork. Before you can proceed with cremation, you’ll need:

  • Cremation permit: $75
  • Certified copies of the death certificate: $25 for the first copy, and $7 for each additional copy

In addition to the fees for the paperwork itself, some Detroit cremation providers charge filing fees for preparing, managing or filing the paperwork.

Costs for the Detroit Cremation Process Itself

In addition to the fixed paperwork fees for permits and paperwork related to the Detroit cremation process, costs for the cremation service itself are paid. These costs vary depending on the Detroit cremation provider you select, but include:

  • Cremation fee: the fee for the cremation itself. Many Detroit cremation providers roll the cremation fee into a flat-fee package that includes additional services, such as the professional services fee, paperwork filing fee, and other cremation-related expenses, so you may not know the cost of the cremation service itself unless you ask for a detailed breakdown.
  • Professional services fee: Michigan state law requires that a funeral director certify the death certificate. You pay a professional services fee in order to meet this requirement, but it may be rolled into a flat-rate cremation plan along with the cremation fee itself.
  • Transporting the remains: you pay a fee to transport the remains to the cremation facility. This may be a flat rate fee within a specific service area, or based on the mileage between the pickup location and the cremation facility.
  • Costs for housing the remains: if cremation is delayed, you may have to pay a fee to house the remains until the cremation service.
  • Embalming: if the deceased remains in a cremation facility longer than 48 hours, you may have to pay for embalming. If final disposition occurs within 48 hours, however, embalming is not required.

When you look at the range of services associated with the cremation process, it’s easy to see why Detroit cremation costs vary from cremation provider to provider. It’s possible to arrange an affordable Detroit cremation if you choose a direct cremation, but expect to see some difference in price depending on where you go. As long as the cremation costs are affordable, don’t worry too much about finding the rock-bottom cost – instead, look for a trustworthy cremation provider who is sensitive to your family’s needs in your time of loss.


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