The WAVE Story

The Internet as we know it was in its infancy when Roscoe Cassidy of Bath County, Kentucky was 84 years old. In the succeeding years, both Cassidy and the Internet seemed to get better with age. It would be fair to expect that Cassidy’s interactions with the World Wide Web were limited.

Sadly, Roscoe Cassidy, the oldest World War II veteran in the state of Kentucky, passed away earlier this week. As his life continued on, Cassidy attended the memorials and funerals of each of his friends. His only lament was that with each of his friends now gone, he was sad there would be no one to attend his funeral when it finally came to pass.

Originally reported by local television station, WAVE, Cassidy’s surviving family announced that his funeral would be open for any and all to attend. While Cassidy’s interaction with the Internet was limited to e-mails with attachments of family photos, the medium became a conduit for compassion and incredible humanity upon his death.

The WAVE story was posted on Reddit, known as the front page of the Internet, where it received an amazing amount of attention. As the story spread, a movement began to unfold. Roscoe Cassidy, the decorated veteran who feared no one would be there to say goodbye to him, is expected to have a very well attended funeral this Saturday, comprised of strangers from across the web who have committed to travel to the Richardson Funeral Home in Owingsville to send Kentucky’s oldest hero off in the manner he deserves.

Others who will be unable to attend have stated they will send letters and/or flowers to bring comfort to the surviving family of Roscoe Cassidy and to say thank you to him for his brave service during the Second World War.

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