Tampa Burial at Sea Cremations

The question of what to do with cremated remains is one of the first things families consider after deciding on a Tampa cremation. Families can inter remains in a columbarium or other traditional facility or keep the remains in the home in a decorative urn. Families may scatter remains in a special place or choose cremation jewelry to keep the loved one nearby. However, one method of managing cremated remains that’s growing more popular in the Tampa area is burial at sea.

What’s a Burial at Sea Cremation?

A Tampa “burial at sea” cremation is somewhat of a misleading name. A more accurate way of characterizing this process is to call it a Tampa “scattering at sea” cremation. In most cases, the cremated remains are transported off the coast and scattered into the ocean. It’s a beautiful and fitting way of returning an ocean-loving individual to nature, and whenever Tampa families see the sea, they remember their lost loved one.

In some cases, however, a “burial at sea” cremation is somewhat more literal. Some types of biodegradable urns are actually designed to break down when they come into contact with water. When a family chooses this type of biodegradable urn, the entire urn goes into the ocean, keeping the remains intact during the scattering ceremony. After going into the water, though, the urn begins to break down, releasing the remains to the ocean where they biodegrade naturally.

Tampa Burial at Sea Cremation Options

Tampa families who would like to plan a burial at sea cremation have a couple of different options for the scattering ceremony. In some cases, a family may charter a boat to take them out to scatter the loved one’s remains. In other cases, the family may simply turn over the remains to a scattering at sea provider who then manages the process without the family present.

Which type of scattering at sea the family chooses tends to vary based on the family’s availability and budget for these services. However, a Tampa burial at sea cremation is a beautiful way of returning the departed to nature and honoring his or her love of the sea.


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