Selecting an Urn for a Houston Cremation

Keepsake and Memorial Urns

Keepsake and memorial urns provide reminders of the deceased whenever families look at the urns. Some keepsake urns are small, designed to be worn or carried so families literally carry their loved ones with them. Others are designed to sit in a special place and provide a focal point for the family’s grief. Keepsake and memorial urns may incorporate details such as photos of the deceased, or may be shaped to look like something special to the deceased.

A Houston biker, for example, may be represented with a motorcycle-shaped urn. Someone who served in the military might have a patriotic urn. The idea of this type of urn is that it evokes images of the deceased when the family views it.

Decorative Urns

Houston families choosing decorative urns after cremation are typically looking for something they’ll display as a center point of a room or garden. Decorative urns are designed to compliment their surroundings, and may be made of beautiful materials such as marble, wood, or metals. Outdoor urns may form the focal point for a memorial garden or other outdoor space to commemorate the deceased. Decorative urns come in a wide array of styles to match every family’s tastes and needs.

Scattering Urns

Scattering urns are urns designed to transport cremated remains and scatter them in a personal ceremony. Scattering urns are designed to be lightweight, easy to open, and simple to hold and use. Families who want to scatter remains in Houston may find a scattering urn best meets their needs.

Biodegradable urns

Biodegradable urns are made with natural materials that break down in the environment. Biodegradable urns may be used for water scattering or as part of an in-ground burial ceremony. Eco-friendly families choose biodegradable urns with the intent of letting the cremated remains return to the earth.

Choosing the right urn for a Houston cremation is about balancing the needs of the family with the wishes and personality of the deceased. An urn should be a reflection of the individual as well as the family’s love for him or her. Ultimately, the urn should be suitable for the final disposition of the remains as well as a decorative remembrance for the lost loved one.


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