Pre-Pay to Avoid Tucson Cremation Price Increases

Preplanning cremation provides a range of benefits, but preplanning by itself only plays a limited roll in controlling cremation expenses. If you truly want to keep cremation costs low, prepay to avoid a potential increase in Tucson cremation prices. Why might Tucson cremation prices go up?

Cremation Prices Increase for a Variety of Reasons

Cremation prices are based on a wide variety of factors, and changes in any of those factors causes cremation costs to increase.

Fuel Costs

One of the most significant ongoing costs in a cremation facility is the cost of fuel. Fuel is used to transport the deceased to the crematorium. The cremation process itself requires fuel in order to combust the remains. Additionally, the cremation furnace must be pre-heated and some degree of thermal energy is lost through insulation and in flue gasses. And finally, some fuel is burned for emissions control. As the cost for fuel increases, it drives cremation costs up. Most cremation facilities today are fueled with natural gas, so as natural gas prices increase, fuel costs go up – and so does the cost of cremation in Tucson.

Updating and Maintaining Cremation Facilities

As with any type of facility, a cremation facility requires ongoing maintenance and updates. The cost and timing of these services vary, but they add to the cost of cremation. When maintenance and improvement costs go up, so does the cremation price.

Changes in Technology

The cremation process continues to improve thanks to changes in technology. The application of computer control has helped to partially automate the cremation process, with the adaptation of temperature and oxygen sensors within the unit enabling more efficient cremation with less user intervention. Some developing nations are looking at solar energy as a method of heating a crematory. As these changes in technology occur, the cremation equipment must be updated – and the Tucson cremation cost goes up.

Air Pollution Control

Air pollution is one of the few environmental concerns in the cremation process, but it’s something that the industry takes very seriously. Filtration systems are applied to crematoria in many countries, and cremation regulations require nonflammable items and some pollutants to be removed before cremation. As air pollution control continues to evolve and technology to eliminate air pollution improves, the costs associated with mitigating this issue will rise – and so will cremation costs.


As costs continue to rise, personnel costs, land costs, and day-to-day business costs also increase affecting the cost of business, and, ultimately, cremation cost.

Even the most reputable Tucson cremation providers face increasing costs, which translates to higher cremation costs for individuals and families of the deceased. Preplanning cremation only does so much to help control costs – prepaying is the best way to hedge against cremation costs and keep Tucson cremation prices low.


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