Paying Respects to Roscoe Cassidy

The small town of Owingsville, Kentucky is preparing to say goodbye to the last surviving veteran of the Second World War. At age 107, Roscoe Cassidy of Bath County, Kentucky frequently lamented the fact that because he had outlived his friends his funeral would have only a few family members in attendance. Cassidy passed away earlier this week.

The family of Roscoe Cassidy, hoping to provide their patriarch a memorial befitting the heroics he displayed in World War II, announced to the local television station that his funeral, to be held at the Richardson Funeral Home in Owingsville, KY would be open to the public to attend.

In a heartwarming turn of events, the website Reddit found and featured this story, and the attention drummed up has elicited not only goodwill from the many ‘redditors’ that interacted with the story, but also has moved many into action. Internet users from across North America have announced their intention to travel to Owingsville so they might help the Cassidy family celebrate the life of Roscoe Cassidy.

Those who announced they would be unable to travel to Kentucky for the funeral of Roscoe Cassidy have announced their intentions to send flowers and letters of condolence meant to bring comfort to the Cassidy family and to say thank you to Kentucky’s last WWII veteran for his brave service in that war. In a time when things silly and trivial are what usually go viral on the Internet, it is heartening to know that underneath the sometimes shallow and superficial veneer of the web is a selfless compassion and humanity that recognizes the fears of one of our bravest and vows not to let them be realized.

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