Orlando Cremation Trends

While Orlando is located in the center of the state, it turns out they and other Floridians are at the top when it comes to choosing cremation for their end-of-life planning.

The Cremation Association of North America (CANA) compiles statistics related to cremation across the United States and the rest of North America. Florida ranked No. 2 in terms of both number of annual cremations and highest cremation growth in 2010. Greater than 100,000 people opted for cremation that year. Additionally, the state has been experiencing a tremendous growth rate of more than 50% of those opting for cremation over the intervening years.

Why Is Cremation Gaining In Popularity?

The CANA 2020 Report found that 61-70% percent of Floridians will have selected cremation for their final disposition. Orlando residents recognize that cremation provides flexibility in planning memorials, is a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional burial, and is much less expensive than traditional burial.

For many individuals, families and friends often live in other cities or out of state. The memorialization process involved with traditional burial requires loved ones to hastily make plans to travel in order to pay their respects and say goodbye. A direct cremation allows for a memorial to be scheduled at a more convenient time, putting less stress on those who knew you best.

In addition to removing stress, an Orlando direct cremation is a greener alternative to traditional burial, as the chemicals used for embalming are not necessary. The placement of an embalmed body in the ground eventually leads to those chemicals leaching into the ground immediately around the burial plot.

Equally appealing to Orlando-area residents is the cost savings associated with a direct cremation over the expenses involved with a traditional burial. Unlike burial, a direct cremation does not have the added expense of a casket, burial plot, headstone, or fees associated with a graveside memorial before burial.

Cremation’s Many Options

Individuals who opt for an Orlando direct cremation also have a multitude of options for the final disposition of the remains. Whether you opt for your ashes to be scattered in a favorite location, buried at sea, or pressed into wearable keepsakes for your loved ones, your final disposition will be unique.

One of the most interesting options for final disposition is having your remains interred in the Neptune Memorial Reef, created by the Neptune Society. Located off of Key Biscayne in South Florida, this unique final resting place provides a dignified location for your cremated remains and has helped to re-energize the local reef habitat, providing an area of increased biodiversity.

Green Cremation Alternatives

Already a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional burial, a direct cremation becomes greener with a few available options. You can purchase biodegradable urn to hold a new sapling or plant in an established garden. These urns and your remains help to grow and become one with nature. Perhaps the most eco-friendly option available was pioneered here in the state of Florida. Known as “bio-cremation,” the water-based process works to cremate the deceased via a technology known as chemical hydrolysis. More ecologically friendly than traditional cremation, this process is gaining in popularity, recently being made a legal means of disposition in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Central Floridians have embraced cremation at a faster rate than many other regions of the country. This increasing trend is driven by each of the reasons discussed above. For more information on Orlando direct cremation, fill out and submit the form on this page to discuss each of your available options with a qualified and compassionate Neptune Society representative.

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