Planning a Funeral with a Minneapolis, MN Cremation

A common question when families consider cremation is: “Can I still have a traditional funeral?” Cremation is actually a flexible option for both ceremony and disposition of remains. Some families elect to have a traditional funeral in conjunction with a Minneapolis, MN cremation or choose a memorial service after the cremation is complete. Funeral and cremation options include:

Funeral, then Cremation

If families want a traditional funeral, this is absolutely an option prior to cremation. Minneapolis cremation facilities or funeral homes rent a casket for the funeral to save the family the expense of purchasing a casket for short-term use. If families prefer, the deceased is prepared for an open casket funeral. This gives families the same sense of closure as a funeral with traditional burial but saves the burial costs.

Cremation, then Memorial

Alternately, if a family doesn’t particularly care to have a traditional funeral or an open casket viewing, they choose cremation followed by a memorial service. The advantage with this option is that the memorial service can be held in any venue, including a community center, family church, or even a favorite restaurant. This option allows the family to best control costs by bypassing a traditional funeral.

Ultimately, Minneapolis, MN cremations offer extremely flexible options. Cremations offer the advantage of cost savings, with the ability for a family to mourn or memorialize the deceased in whatever manner they prefer. Planning a cremation doesn’t have to preclude a traditional funeral, but it does offer more options if cost savings or venue are important to the family.


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