Indianapolis Cremation Costs

Over a quarter of Indiana residents chose cremation over burial in 2010, and the number is expected to increase to over one-third in the next few years. People choose cremation over burials for a number of reasons, primarily for its low cost.

How much does an Indianapolis cremation cost?

The average cost of a funeral is over $7,000 according to the National Funeral Directors Association, and the price is above $10,000 in some places. Meanwhile, an Indianapolis cremation costs a fraction of the price of burial. The cost of cremation in Indianapolis depends on several factors, including:

  • Your chosen funeral home
  • Whether you want a direct cremation or customized cremation
  • Cost of urns, scattering services, or any additional services

Are there ways to reduce the costs?

Indianapolis cremation costs are inexpensive when compared to those of burial, but there are ways to further reduce the price. Here are some popular options for an affordable cremation in Indianapolis:

  • Cremation preplanning. Plan your Indianapolis cremation ahead of time to lock in the current cost and save your family money.
  • Direct cremation. A direct cremation, which skips the funeral service, is the most economical choice.
  • Simple urns. Use a simple urn or one made in a pottery class rather than a custom art piece to save money and add meaning.
  • Scattering the ashes. Scatter cremated remains or have a natural burial to eliminate burial costs. A scattering at sea incurs minimal costs.
  • Veteran’s cremation. If the deceased was a veteran, he or she is eligible for benefits from the VA that help pay for the cost of cremation.

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