If Orlando Cremation Cost Isn’t a Concern: Unique Ideas to Deal With Cremated Remains

Many families choose an Orlando cremation because the cost is more affordable than having a traditional funeral and burial. However, some people aren’t as concerned about cost and instead choose cremation because it’s more flexible, more eco-friendly, or easier to arrange than a burial. If cost isn’t a factor in your Orlando cremation planning, there are a lot of creative ways you can inter cremated remains. As more and more people choose cremation, an entire industry is springing up around creative ways to deal with remains.

Get the Ashes Spread on a Vinyl Record of Your Favorite Song

Are you someone who just loves the warmth of sound and nostalgic value of a good vinyl record? A few companies have begun to offer the ability to turn your remains into a vinyl record of your favorite song after your Orlando cremation. Anything can be added to the track of these vinyl records, which lasts for up to 12 minutes on each side. You can turn the remains into 30 different records and distribute them to friends and family, so that everyone has a memento and a little piece of you after you’ve died.

Shoot Your Ashes Into Space After an Orlando Cremation

If you’re looking for something a little more grandiose after your Orlando cremation, you can choose to have your ashes shot into space. Several companies offer orbital burials that consist of launching a small capsule of cremated remains into orbit via a rocket. Typically, these rockets contain anywhere from 200 to 300 samples of remains from different individuals, although that number is expected to climb as more people choose this creative method of dealing with Orlando remains.

Inter Your Ashes at the Memorial Reef

The Neptune Society offers a unique interment option after your Orlando cremation: the Memorial Reef. The Memorial Reef is an artificial reef located east of Miami, Florida. It’s built as an artistic interpretation of the Lost City of Atlantis, and it serves as a home for a diverse range of marine life. It’s the largest man-made reef ever conceived, and when the Memorial Reef is complete, it will have transformed over 16 acres of ocean floor. Individuals choose to be interred in the Memorial Reef after an Orlando cremation, and family members dive to the site to visit – making it a peaceful and unique end-of-life option.

Incorporate the Ashes Into a Diamond Ring

As an alternative to scattering remains, family members choose to incorporate the ashes into cremation jewelry. Cremation jewelry runs the gamut from affordable to extravagant, and one of the most elaborate options is to have ashes transformed into a diamond ring after cremation. It’s a beautiful way to remember a loved one and always keep him or her nearby after an Orlando cremation.

Talk with your Orlando cremation provider about unique methods of interring the remains. If you pre-plan your cremation, be sure to share your wishes with your family about what you’d like to have done with your ashes after your cremation.


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