Identifying a Loved One Before a Minneapolis Cremation

Choosing cremation isn’t always an easy process for surviving family members. As cremation has grown in popularity, more stories have surfaced about negative cremation experiences. When considering a Minneapolis cremation, it’s perfectly understandable for a family to wonder about the process of identifying the deceased prior to the cremation. If you’re thinking about cremation but want to ensure that your loved one is handled respectfully and properly, here are a few questions to ask your Minneapolis cremation provider:

1. What happens if the cremation provider picks up the loved one without a family member present?

2. What happens if the family doesn’t have a viewing prior to cremation?

3. How does the Minneapolis cremation provider ensure that the cremated remains belong to the right person?

A reputable, trustworthy Minneapolis cremation provider is able to answer those questions fully and completely. While the exact process may vary from provider to provider, it’s important to ensure that the provider has good, thorough policies in place to provide for the proper handling of the deceased.

One of the benefits of using Neptune Society Minneapolis is the fact that Neptune Society owns its own cremation facilities. There is no transferring the remains into the hands of a third party. Neptune Society Minneapolis handles the remains from the moment they arrive in the facility until they’re released to a family member or authorized agent, which provides for full accountability at every step of the process.

If you’re considering a Minneapolis cremation but have questions about identification, please give us a call to discuss our process. We’ll explain our policy in-depth to ensure you’re comfortable about choosing us for your cremation needs.


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