How to Balance Nashville Cremation Costs with the Services You Need

The number of Nashville cremations is going up as cremation becomes a more popular option around the country. The national cremation rate is over 40%, and it’s higher than that in some parts of the country. One of the main reasons for the rise in cremation is the relatively low cost of a Nashville cremation when compared to traditional burial. When you’re planning your Nashville cremation, it helps to know what cremation costs to expect and where you can compromise to save money.

Nashville Cremation Services You Can’t Avoid

When you’re planning a Nashville cremation, there are some services you simply can’t avoid such as:

  • Cremation itself: A crematory charges a flat cremation fee, regardless of the other options you select, so there isn’t much wiggle-room for price on this service.
  • Professional fees: A Nashville crematory charges a professional fee that may be rolled into the price of a cremation package. The professional fee covers the time that the staff spends setting up the cremation, including filing paperwork and managing logistics.
  • Cremation permit fees: All Nashville cremations require a $25 state cremation permit. Some cremation providers charge a fee for filing or preparing the permit – particularly if they don’t list a “professional fee” in their charges.
  • Transportation: Many cremation providers charge a flat rate for transporting the remains within a specific service area, and a per-mile fee for anything outside of the service area. This is the cost to transport the remains to the cremation facility.
  • Storing the remains: If the cremation can’t proceed immediately, the crematory charges a fee for storing or refrigerating the remains.
  • These are services that are inherent in the cremation process, so you can’t expect to eliminate them. The pricing of these services is rarely the deciding factor.

Nashville Cremation Fees for Optional Services and Items

The most significant opportunity for saving on Nashville cremation costs is with optional services and items. Basic fees typically aren’t up for negotiation, but you may be able to bypass or negotiate fees for:

  • Urn: Ask about other options or buy your own urn for the remains.
  • Cremation container: Some cremation providers require a cremation container. Ask for a more affordable cremation container option. It may be possible to reduce costs by selecting a more basic cremation container.
  • By negotiating fees for the urn or cremation container or providing your own urn you save anywhere from hundreds to more than a thousand dollars off your Nashville cremation price.

Planning a Viewing

If a low-cost Nashville cremation is important to your family, you can forego the viewing and hold a memorial service at a later time in a venue of your own choosing where you can better control the costs.


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