Florida Cremation Trends

The majority of Florida residents choose cremation over burial for their end-of-life plan. In 2010, the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) ranked Florida as No. 2 in terms of both number of annual cremations and highest cremation growth. There has been a tremendous growth rate of more than 50% in the years since.

In the 2020 CANA Report, 61-70% of Floridians opted for cremation. Along with other large-population states like California and Texas, Florida is driving the trend towards simple, affordable cremation services.

A number of factors are affecting the growing number of cremations around the country. Environmental concerns, cost, and the fact that more people are relocating from their hometowns for jobs and other reasons are major considerations driving the choice of cremation. Additionally, the range of options associated with cremation also makes it preferable to traditional burial. They include the following:

Cremation Memorial

While a direct cremation omits the funeral or viewing service, many Floridians choose to pair affordable direct cremation with a cremation memorial. This memorial is held either during the cremation service or afterwards, nearby the cremation facility or elsewhere. Because the body does not need to be present during the service, a cremation memorial offers families flexibility in where and when to remember loved ones.

Scattering Service

While some families opt to keep their loved ones’ remains in an urn or keepsake, others choose to scatter ashes in a special place. Some cemeteries now have dedicated scattering gardens available to their patrons. Others choose to have the cremation urn interred at a columbarium where they can visit often and pay their respects.

Burial at Sea and Memorial Reef

Burial at sea is a popular trend for Florida residents who want a memorable tribute. It’s easy to rent a charter boat and hold a meaningful scattering service in the Atlantic. Neptune Society also created the Neptune Memorial Reef off Key Biscayne, FL, for those who want the ultimate underwater memorial.

Green Cremation Alternatives

Many Floridians are concerned about the environment and opt for eco-friendly cremation alternatives. These include biodegradable urns, “upcycled” cremated remains (i.e. turning the remains into jewelry or other functional objects), and a “living burial” (i.e. using the remains to cultivate a garden, tree, or other plant life.) Also, the first “bio-cremation” occurred in Florida in 2011. This water-based cremation technology further reduces the ecological footprint of heat-based cremation and continues to gain popularity.

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