Flexibility is One of the Great Benefits of Planning a Tampa Cremation

Cost is one factor leading more people to choose a Tampa cremation over traditional burial, but the flexibility of cremation is also a major factor in families choosing cremation for end-of-life planning. A Tampa cremation provides the flexibility to make a more versatile set of arrangements for everything to do with end-of-life planning – from urns to interment or scattering and even the timing of the services.

Baby Boomers Want to Do Things Their Own Way

As the Baby Boomers are moving into the next phase of life, end-of-life planning has become the new focus. As with all other aspects of their lives, Baby Boomers are demonstrating that they want to do things their own way when it comes to end-of-life planning. More and more are choosing Tampa cremation because it offers the flexibility to customize end-of-life options in everything:

  • Urns
  • Interment options
  • Memorial options
  • Services
  • Price

Baby Boomers are choosing customized urns, selecting the interment options that most appeal to them, and even planning customized memorials. The ability to select your own services and choose the options that appeal to you – and control the price of end-of-life planning – has become a big draw for this opinionated generation.

In a Transient Society, it’s More Difficult to Gather Family Members

Another great thing about the flexibility of a Tampa cremation is the fact that it gives you more time to gather family members for any sort of end-of-life service. A traditional funeral with burial requires you to gather family members within three to five days. Unfortunately, in today’s transient society, people move all over the country, following jobs, schools, relationships, or whimsy. It can take longer than three to five days to get the family together from around the country – which means that traditional burial is either not an option or may result in some family members missing funerals and not getting a chance to say farewell to the loved ones.

The flexibility of cremation negates this issue entirely. People select a Tampa cremation and hold a memorial or other ceremony to say farewell to a loved one at a time that works best for them – when they can gather the family together. Maybe it’s five to seven days, or maybe it’s weeks or months later. The bottom line is that a Tampa cremation gives families the flexibility to plan around their busy lifestyles.

A Tampa Cremation Gives You the Flexibility to Plan Non-Traditional Memorial Options

As end-of-life planning gets more customizable, Tampa families are taking the opportunity to create memorial options that truly reflect and honor the deceased. Cremation simplifies the process of planning a non-traditional memorial option. With cremated remains, you have a memorial at virtually anywhere – in a park, at a favorite restaurant, or anywhere that honors the memory of the deceased. With a traditional funeral, you’re very limited in your memorial options – so more families are choosing a Tampa cremation for its flexible memorial options.


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