Discussing End-of-Life Planning

As the Detroit, MI baby boomer generation enters their golden years, an interesting trend has emerged. The cultural taboo associated with discussing end-of-life planning has quickly melted away. Gone are the days when any discussion of death and memorialization was a conversation saved for grieving family members and a funeral director. Today, Detroit’s citizens are seizing control of where and how they want to be remembered and interred.

Much like the rest of the country and the rest of the world, Detroit is rapidly embracing cremation as an alternative to burial. According to the North American Cremation Association (NACA) there are several factors that are leading people to consider cremation in their end-of-life planning:

  • Cost savings vs. traditional burial
  • Higher education and income levels
  • Increased mobility of the population at-large

Cost Savings vs. Traditional Burial

Unlike with a traditional burial, a cremation does not require the purchase of many of the accouterments required of a traditional burial. Not having to purchase a casket, cemetery plot, headstone, and pay other fees associated with a traditional burial makes cremation not only an economical decision but an ecologically sound decision.

Higher Education and Income Levels

The NACA has repeatedly shown that cremation is the final disposition of choice among individuals who have attained higher education and income than those who still opt for a traditional burial service. This trend has been true throughout the history of the data, with early 20th Century cremations particularly favored among the wealthiest citizens.

Increased Mobility of the Population At-Large

We no longer live in a society where individuals are born, live, and die in the same town, state, or region. Due to migration for education, employment, and other factors, many citizens of Detroit, Michigan are transplants to the Motor City. The dissipation of familial connection to any one specific area has helped to drive the increasing popularity of Detroit cremations.

When You Are Ready To Begin Preplanning Your Detroit Cremation

Whatever the reasons for your selection of a Detroit cremation, preplanning is a wise choice for the young and old alike. Cremation preplanning with the Neptune Society of Detroit lets you lock in today’s cremation costs while providing your loved ones the peace of mind in knowing the details were decided upon ahead of time.

If you have any questions or are ready to begin preplanning your Detroit cremation today, use the form on this page to receive the Neptune Society of Detroit’s free cremation guide and to speak with a member of the Neptune Society of Detroit’s compassionate and professional staff.

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