Cremation vs. Burial in Orlando

Cremation is a popular choice for end-of-life services in many places, especially Florida. According to recent statistics, 61-70% of Florida residents needing end-of-life services choose cremation over a traditional burial (2020 CANA Report).

People are choosing cremation not only for its affordability, but also because it offers flexibility and convenience for families. Run through our list to decide whether an Orlando cremation is right for you.

Burial Cost vs. Cremation

A traditional burial is right for some individuals, but not all. While the average price of a traditional burial is several thousand dollars, the cost of a cremation is as low as a quarter of that price. Burial fees, cemetery plots, and grave markers drive the price of burials up. In contrast, cremation fees, urns, and scattering services are all low enough to keep cremations affordable.

Funerals vs. Memorial Services

Holding a funeral service or viewing contributes to the overall cost of a traditional burial. Direct cremations, which do not involve a funeral service, offer families the most cost savings, but some families opt for a viewing prior to cremation. Other families choose cremation memorial services that are easily customized to meet any need. If you wish to hold a cremation memorial service, talk to a cremation professional about how to include one in your cremation plan.

Burials vs. Post-Cremation Services

Burials are a convenient option for families that want a physical grave to visit or who plan to stay in the same area for a long time. However, burials require a fixed location at a resting place, which is an inconvenience for widely dispersed family members. Unlike burials, cremations offer flexibility in disposing of cremated remains. Following cremation, families have several choices: returning the remains to an urn, jewelry, or other keepsake; using scattering or burial at sea services; or interring remains in a columbarium, at a funeral home, or on private property.

For some families, choosing between a cremation and burial is a matter of personal preference. For others, cost and convenience factor heavily into the decision. Whatever you decide, make sure to discuss your options and budget with your end-of-life service provider and your family members.

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