Going Green in Minneapolis: Cremation for Final Needs

When final needs are planned at the time of death, decisions are often made on an emotional basis with limited consideration. Making a funeral plan in advance allows thoughtful planning. Amidst the substantial choices: for or against a Minneapolis cremation, for or against a funeral, and choosing readings and music, are considerations that have effects in both the short and long-term.

Anyone concerned for the environmental impact of their choices factor in:

Embalming. The chemicals used to preserve a body are of concern. Equally concerning is the likelihood of those chemicals leaching into the ground following burial. Embalming is unnecessary with a natural burial or cremation so long as either occurs fairly soon following death. A natural burial places a deceased person in the ground without embalming and with either no coffin or a biodegradable coffin.

Burial. The single largest problem with burial, from an environmental standpoint, is that burial requires eternal land use.

Cemetery maintenance. With cemetery interment, the cemetery plot, community mausoleum, or columbarium must be maintained in perpetuity. Maintenance requires energy use for cleaning, mowing, and landscaping; human resources; and chemicals and pesticides to maintain the lawn and landscape.

For these reasons, those concerned with their final footprint, the lasting effect of their death on the environment, choose cremation. A Minneapolis cremation can proceed without embalming, burial or interment, or even resources devoted to a funeral. Currently, a Minnesota cremation is the best choice to limit environmental effects of final needs and limit eternal land use.

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