Cremation Jewelry – Alternatives to Urns After a Portland Cremation

Families who aren’t necessarily interested in a traditional urn after a Portland cremation have another option for cremains: cremation jewelry. Cremation jewelry gives families the opportunity to hold a special someone close to the heart, typically in a locket or ring. If you’re thinking about alternatives to a traditional urn but still want to keep your loved one nearby, cremation jewelry might be a good option for you.

Types of Cremation Jewelry

As cremation jewelry becomes a more popular option for managing cremated remains, this niche is evolving to provide more and more options. Families who want cremation jewelry after a Portland cremation can choose among:

  • Lockets
  • Crystal or glass cremation jewelry
  • Wood memorial jewelry
  • Cremation rings
  • Cremation urn bracelets

In addition to the various types of jewelry available, families choose among popular styles, including:

  • Heart cremation jewelry
  • Cross jewelry
  • Angels
  • Nature and animal-related jewelry styles

Families who want something special for their loved ones can even choose solid gold and precious gemstones for their cremation jewelry styling.

How Does Cremation Jewelry Work?

Families who choose a Portland cremation and are considering cremation jewelry may wonder how this jewelry integrates the loved one’s remains. In many types of cremation jewelry, a small cylinder or receptacle is incorporated into the design. This compartment holds some of the loved one’s remains.

Compartment-style cremation jewelry only holds a limited quantity of remains, so families may choose to scatter the remainder of the cremains or inter them in a columbarium. Some families use the cremains in multiple pieces of jewelry so that everyone in the family can have a keepsake and always have their loved one nearby.

Another type of cremation jewelry has cremated remains incorporated into the construction of the jewelry itself. One style is memory glass, where cremated remains are suspended within a hand-blown glass keepsake. Another style of this type of cremation jewelry is the cremation diamond made from carbon contained in the cremated remains. It’s a beautiful way to keep the loved one nearby in a ring or necklace.

Is Cremation Jewelry Right for You?

Ultimately, cremation jewelry is a beautiful way to commemorate your loved one and keep him or her nearby throughout your life. It’s a lovely alternative to a traditional urn, and additional remains can still be scattered or interred in a traditional manner.


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