West Covina Cremation: Why is the Cremation Delayed?

Planning a West Covina cremation can be a trying, stressful, and emotional time for bereaved family members. In addition to the pressure of dealing with the loss of loved ones, families may contend with cremation delays. Cremation costs shouldn’t be the sole basis for selecting a West Covina cremation provider. Families may find the cremation process to be far more painful when they work with an inexperienced provider or a cremation provider that isn’t caring, compassionate, and able to explain the process.

Reasons for West Covina Cremation Delays

West Covina cremations involve a surprising array of moving parts. Difficulties during any of these key steps can delay the cremation altogether, making it impossible to schedule a memorial or scattering ceremony or obtain closure. Common causes for cremation delays include:

  • The doctor delays signing the death certificate. Sometimes, certifying doctors delay signing the death certificate. Reasons for these delays can range from overwork to some question of how the death occurred. When the doctor delays signing the death certificate, cremation cannot occur.
  • The cremation provider can’t reach the decision-maker. California law stipulates that a designated person must sign an authorization prior to cremation. When the cremation provider can’t reach the decision-maker, the cremation process is delayed or cannot occur.

The right West Covina cremation provider isn’t necessarily the company offering the lowest cremation costs. Families should select a knowledgeable, compassionate provider that can help them understand the cremation process and make the best decisions – in a timely manner – to ensure cremation goes as smoothly as possible.


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