Cremation Costs: Why People Choose Long Beach Cremation and How to Save

People choose Long Beach cremation for a variety of reasons, but cremation cost is one important consideration for people choosing cremation. Cremation is more affordable than traditional burial, saving families thousands or tens of thousands of dollars versus conventional cemetery burial. In addition to saving money by choosing a Long Beach cremation, families save cremation costs by:

Preplanning a Long Beach Cremation Saves Money

Preplanning your Long Beach cremation gives you the ability to customize the services you want – and save money in the process. When a family is forced to make important end-of-life decisions while dealing with the grief of a loss, it’s common for family members to fall into the trap of emotional, guilt-motivated spending. Family members feel that a more expensive urn, a bigger funeral, or other “premium” services somehow prove that they love and miss the deceased more than choosing simple, cost-effective options and services.

When you plan your own cremation, you choose the services that matter to you – and avoid the emotional spending that could lead your family to financial struggles. Preplan your Long Beach cremation to save money.

Prepaid Long Beach Cremation Cuts Costs

Beyond preplanning, another way to save on cremation costs is by prepaying for your Long Beach cremation. A prepaid Long Beach cremation locks in today’s cremation prices, ensuring your family won’t pay more as cremation prices inevitably rise in the coming years. You potentially save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by prepaying and locking in today’s cremation rate.

For comparison, funeral costs rose 40% between the years 2000 and 2012. If cremation costs rise at anything approaching that percentage in the coming years, you easily save thousands of dollars assuming you are currently in middle age and you live to the average United States life expectancy of 79.

Additional Ways to Save on Cremation Costs

Beyond the cost of the cremation itself you save on related costs by prepaying or making your wishes clear to your family. Related cremation costs include:

  • An urn
  • Flower arrangements
  • Interment preferences

Save on the urn by making it clear to your family that you don’t require a costly urn for your remains, or even by buying one yourself. If you intend for your remains to be scattered, buy an inexpensive temporary urn or scattering urn, saving your family hundreds of dollars.

Flower arrangements are another expense that easily stretches into the hundreds of dollars. If you make your wishes known to your family, expressing that you don’t want or need this expense, you can help them save on costs and avoid guilt-related emotional spending.

Finally, save dramatically on interment costs by choosing to have your remains scattered or otherwise disposed of without cost to your family. Want to save on Long Beach cremation costs? Forego columbarium or cemetery interment and have your family scatter your remains someplace special or even keep them in the family home. Negate costs related to cremation by simply communicating your wishes clearly to your family before the time comes.


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