West Covina, CA Cremation Costs

West Covina, CA cremation costs are an important consideration for families who are concerned about the cost of funeral arrangements. Cremation is an increasingly popular choice in large part due to the cost savings of cremation over a traditional burial.

West Covina, CA Cremation Costs vs. Funeral Costs

One reason more families choose cremation is because West Covina cremation costs are significantly lower than the costs of a traditional funeral and burial. Depending on the selections a family makes, cremation may cost up to a few thousand dollars in total versus the tens of thousands of dollars associated with traditional funerals and burial. If a traditional funeral or memorial is desired, families can pair that with cremation instead of burial and can still save thousands of dollars versus traditional burial.

What Types of Expenses are Associated with West Covina Cremation Costs?

Direct cremation, cremation without other services, entails relatively few costs. These are the types of costs associated with cremation services:

  • Transportation of remains from the place of death to the cremation facility
  • Death certificate and cremation permit
  • Urn or permanent container for cremated remains
  • Transportation of cremated remains to a cemetery
  • Cemetery or burial charges
  • Optional services depending on provider (such as mail forwarding, composing the obituary, etc.)
  • Note: some of these costs may be included with a quoted cremation price

Families that choose not to have the cremated remains interred can simply bring the urn home or use a scattering urn to spread the remains somewhere special. Ultimately, West Covina, CA cremation costs vary depending on how the family would like the individual interred and memorialized. Cremation does provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional burial for West Covina residents.


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