Cremation Costs in Charlotte

There are many reasons why people the world over are opting for cremation over a traditional burial for their end-of-life plan. From a relaxation of religious standards to the nearly nomadic culture we have become (relocating for school, work, military service, or a new vista), Americans are embracing cremation as the means for their final disposition. And Charlotte-area citizens are no different than their fellow countrymen in this regard.

Perhaps one of the best advantages of selecting cremation over a traditional burial is the cost savings associated with the practice. A cursory look at the cost and fees associated with both traditional burial and cremation shows a significant difference between the two.

What To Buy to Say Goodbye

A traditional burial, unlike cremation, is accompanied with a host of costs. Having to purchase a casket, headstone, and burial plot; paying fees for preparing and embalming the body; renting a memorial room; and paying for a graveside service make the expenses associated with traditional burial add up quickly.

A direct cremation, on the other hand, requires no preparation or embalming, eliminating those fees. A casket and graveside service are also not required. Additionally, cremation provides a higher level of flexibility when choosing how and when to memorialize a loved one.

The primary expenses associated with a cremation are the cremation service and an urn or receptacle in which to place the cremated remains. Of course, there are other options for the remembrance of your loved one.

Options After Cremation

Many people, when they think of cremation, envision a decorative urn placed on a mantle or a bookcase. And while this is a standard choice, it is not the only option available for your loved one’s cremated remains.

A loved one who had a favorite park or other location in Charlotte could spend their eternity enjoying the beauty and tranquility of the area. Scattering of ashes is a common practice, and it not only allows your loved one to rest in peace in a favorite place, but also it helps make their cherished location a place of reflection for the family.

Another relatively new alternative for cremated remains is having them pressed into diamonds and other keepsake jewelry items that family members can wear to keep their loved one forever close to them.

Still another option for one’s final disposition incorporates the romanticism of the sea. Burials at sea can be performed independently by hiring a boat or ship from which to spread the ashes. Another option for burial at sea is provided by the Neptune Society at their Memorial Reef. This beautiful underwater columbarium, located just off Key Biscayne in South Florida, incorporates stately statues and columns into a living memorial.

Preplanning Your Charlotte Cremation

When you are weighing your end-of-life plans, it is best to do what makes you most comfortable. For some, the cost savings associated with cremation is an important consideration. Planning your cremation ahead of time takes much of the guesswork out of costs that arise with your passing. Preplanning your Charlotte cremation also goes a long way to providing your family with peace of mind right when they will need it most.

If you have questions or are ready to begin preplanning your Charlotte, NC cremation today, fill out the form on this page to receive your free cost quote.

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