Atlanta Baby Boomers Seek Personalization

The Baby Boomers are one of the most important defining generations in the past few centuries here in the United States. One recent article called Baby Boomers “confident, independent, and self-reliant… [they] grew up in an era of reform and believe they can change the world.” As you plan your Atlanta cremation, you’re benefiting from the influence the Baby Boomers have had on the cremation industry. Their demands for more personalization have led to a wider array of cremation options, including unique urns and cremation services to complete the Atlanta cremation process.

Remembrances are a Valuable Part of the Grieving Process

Baby Boomers view remembrances as a valuable part of the grieving process. If you’ve ever lost a loved one, you know that seeing certain things always bring the loved one to your mind – particularly if your grief is fresh. Today, this demand for personalization in remembrances has led to a wide array of urns and other memorial options to reflect and commemorate lost loved ones after an Atlanta cremation.

Urns and Memorial Objects Have Evolved to Meet Changing Demands

Today’s urns and memorial objects commemorate:

  • Hobbies
  • Passions
  • Interests
  • Skills

For example, if your loved one lived to be on two wheels, inter the remains in a motorcycle urn. If the deceased loved to cook, a kitchen-related urn is a good way to remember him or her. A singer is commemorated in an urn shaped to look like a music note.

The Baby Boomer demand for personalization has dramatically increased the selection of urns and memorial items to celebrate the individuality of the deceased.

Commemorate the Life of Your Loved One with an Appropriate Urn

When you’re planning your Atlanta cremation, think about your lost loved one. Would you enjoy a unique and personalized urn to help you remember the person you’ve lost? Thank the Baby Boomers for the wide array of non-traditional urns, and find something that best reflects your lost loved one every time you look at it.


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